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Ras Pineapple Glazing Sauce

You can't imagine how good this sauce is! You have to try it. It's pineapple island citrus sweet mixed with mountain berry tart in a sweet and sour combination and ends with a little red pepper heat. Perfect for pulled pork, ham, coconut shrimp, salmon, chicken wings, asian cuisine and more!

Raspberry Chipotle

Bear Lake Raspberry Chipotle is definitely our pride and joy. Chad's is famous for our Raspberry Products. This sauce is raspberry sweet, chipotle smokey, and barbecue sassy.

Beehive Sweet

Beehive Sweet is more than sweet. It is smokey, sassy, and slightly spiced. Real Utah honey and molasses complete the sweet to make those fingers sticky.

Salt Lake Sassy

Sweet and tangy without being too much one way or the other. Ever heard of Memphis, Kansas City or Texas flavor? We haven't either. We do know Park City, St George, and Tooele. This is as good as any Tooele sauce you'll taste.

Dixie Heat

Utah's Dixie can certainly make you sweat. So can this sauce. Just enough to undo your top button. Not enough to take your shirt off. Which is what most people definitely should not do! Keep your shirt on. Especially around charcoal.

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