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Raspberry Chipotle Shrimp SkewersSkewers are always a hit! Use this recipe to kick up your summer party! Five minutes to prep and five minutes to cook! Less than a second to realize you found a crazy good way to do shrimp and vegetables.
Smokey Honey and Apple RibsThese are fall off the bone, sweet and tender ribs with just the perfect zip on the crust! When glazed with Chad’s Beehive Sweet Barbecue Sauce it creates a honey sweet and sticky treat!
Sassy Grilled ChickenThis simple and juicy chicken recipe is a quick and fun addition to any grilling event or dinner. Simply season with your favorite chicken seasoning, grill and glaze with Chad’s Salt Lake Sassy Barbecue Sauce.
Cowboy Fries with Spicy Dipping SauceThese “cowboy fries” are a fun and healthy alternative to fried potato wedges. They are soft in the middle and crispy on the outside. Don’t be afraid of the slight char on the outside. This adds a wonderful crispy taste! Plus the sauce is a slightly spicy and highly barbecue-y taste.
Cream Cheese and Jam DipSimply soften the cream cheese and put some of our Raspberry Jalapeno Jam on top. Suddenly the party gets delicious!
Raspberry Ginger Lime DrinkEnjoy the strong taste of ginger with the sour splash of lime with the sweet taste of Raspberry Jam. Your tongue won't know what to do except rejoice.
Raspberry Sloppy JoesNeed a 15 minute dinner? Easy and fun. Just need hamburger, salt and pepper, and Chad's Raspberry Salsa.
Raspberry WingsEasy, quick and tasty. These wings are a savory treat. Coated with our famous Raspberry Vinaigrette.
Melting Raspberry CookiesMelt in your mouth, delicate and sweet. A fun and easy recipe for an afternoon treat using any of Chad's Raspberry Jams.
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