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Our Farm & Process

Our Farm Production Process

From Field to Farm

Chad's started as a raspberry jam company and we continue that great tradition. A real raspberry product producer knows that quality starts at the plant. In early April of each year, we prune our patch in a process called "caning." Caning is the process of removing the dead plants that produced the previous year. We do this because certain varieties of raspberries grow in 2 phases. The first phase is the plant growing to maturity. This takes 1 year. The plant does not blossom during this phase. During the second year/phase is when the plants will grow blossoms, produce fruit, and die. This cyclical process repeats annually.

0624a3044ea540496f5b06629c5f08e5After caning, we plow between the rows to eliminate weeds and control the growth of the plants. We apply water and plant food to ensure healthy growth in our high elevation climate of Bear Lake. During the next 2-3 months, there is just casual work done to maintain the plants. Around the first part of July, blossoms appear and we know harvest is only weeks away. After 3-4 weeks we start picking 3-4 times per week with our harvester (see videos below).

As the berries are harvested, we clean, process, and freeze the berries to stabilize the acids in them for our jam and other products. As we produce our products all year, we thaw and cook the berries into our products.

The process is not over, however. We still have to label, bottle, and distribute our products. This is all done by hand as we want our products to be as gourmet as possible. We would love to tell you more about how we make our products, but let's just say our recipes are the secret to our success. We invite you to experience the difference of Chad's Raspberry Kitchen.

Trust us, you will want more than one bottle!

Farm Videos

Learn about our family farm and natural production process.


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